Grape Therapy, 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, California

This wine has a beautiful deep ruby color. 

This is not a slap you in the face Cabernet wine. It’s balanced and flavorful with out being overly tannic or sweet. It’s approaching the sweet spot where the fruit and acid comes together. 

There is an earthy/mushroom aroma right at the top of the glass. The nose has a plum and dark cherry with plum being the stand out aroma. A little twirling aeration releases a fresh cut grass or hay scent at the top of the glass. 

The finish is definitely smooth and soft. 

Just sipping this without food because I already finished dinner before opening up this one. It’s really good and definitely am sad I only got one bottle. Drink it now. I think this 2016 won’t last long as the fruit and acids mature. 

Grocery Outlet 3.99 

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