Casual Garcia, Vinho Verde, Portugal

The perfect summertime wine in my opinion. I think that Vino Verde is a highly underrated wine that not many people have tried. 

Vinho Verde does not mean ‘green’ wine. ‘Verde’ refers to it being a young wine; the wines are released 3-6 months after harvest.

The wines of Vinho Verde are known for their vibrant fruit flavors and refreshing qualities. This great combination that really them one of the most versatile partners with food. Vinho Verde is an ideal wine pairing for salads and seafood. 

This wine is crisp and light. The nose has a beautiful notes of green apple, pear and citrus. 

It’s medium body with a slight mineral quality to the taste that is dry and refreshing. 

The best thing about being underrated is it always under priced in my opinion. 

This one was 6.99 but they can be found as low as 5.99 all the way to 12.99

Safeway 6.99

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