Petrel, 2018 Carménère, Chile

So what is this Carménère wine? I personally have never heard of this but always willing to experiment! 

The Carménère grape is a wine grape variety originally planted in the Médoc region of Bordeaux, France. 

Following the Phylloxera plague of 1857 that wiped out a majority of Europe’s grapes, Carménère was considered extinct. 

Just before Phylloxera hit Europe, a few cuttings of Carménère happened to be imported to Chile. 

In the beginning, Carménère was blended with its cousin Merlot, but the Chilean winemakers came to realized the complexity of the grape’s flavors on their own, and began creating a single varietal wine.

Today it’s rarely found in France with the world’s largest area planted with this variety is in Chile. Chile produces the vast majority of Carménère wines available today. 

Carménère is considered the national grape of Chile, suited for meat dishes and BBQs. 

This is a beautifully dark red wine with not a lot of residual sugars if you are looking at the legs. 

The nose of this one was pretty complex really. Earthy mineral dark fruit/plum licorice tobacco.

The soil contributes a great deal to the flavors which are not overbalanced. It’s slightly tannic which will come from the earth yet smooth at the same time. The dark fruit/plum really works to balance the overall flavors. There is a hint of slight dryness but but again not overly dry. 

Overall this is an amazing wine with so much to offer. 

Grocery Outlet 3.99!

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