Melo Blues, Shiraz, Australia

This wine has a nice deep color with even heavy legs. It looks pretty good in the glass. 

At first the nose has some pepper, plum and melon. There’s some lingering notes of melon but it’s really light. 

It’s a bold wine when you take that first taste but it doesn’t slap you around. It’s got a pretty nice finish leaving a light taste of pepper and licorice.  

I kept getting something different and finally settled on eucalyptus of all things!

Overall it’s a bold velvety wine on the dry side with a good balance of fruit and acidity. The finish is mild and leaves you with deep notes of pepper and earth. It would be awesome with a peppery steak or even a Mediterranean spiced chicken. 

This is a really great wine. 

Grocery Outlet 5.99!

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