Vine Leaf, Red Blend, Spain

Dark cherry, melon, black pepper, nutmeg/cinnamon (used pumpkin pie spice to get there), and a little citrus in the nose. Totally complex. I wonder what I’d get without a cold!  

So to be fair I had it with a taco salad and Tapatio so it may have muted some of the complex flavors but overall it’s not too tannic or sweet. A very light finish (again I do have a cold). It’s actually pretty dry but again not like the Gobi. 

The flavors I do get are dark cherry but again not like a slap you in the face dark cherry. It’s there but not harsh. Then at the front of the tongue I really do get the citrus. 

Overall this is a nice wine and I’d love to try it again with all my sniff and taste super powers active. 

Grocery Outlet 3.99!

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