Redgate Vineyard, 2017 Estate Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley-Independence OR)

Localish red wine. Not heavily bodied. Quite a bite in the front of the tongue and acidic. Tannic with a spicy flavor. Mildly dry. There is some fruit but not a lot. 

Mushroom or truffle with a little spice notes in the nose. 

I’d think this one, although a screw top (which we will talk about later) would be one to hold on too in a dark cool corner for a year or three.

Overall a nice sipping wine. I actually had it with GF Mac and Cheese and it wasn’t bad. But honestly I thinks this would go well with Salmon or any fatty fish or even a creamy pasta dish or a mushroom risotto!

Grocery Outlet 5.99!

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