Michel-Schlumberger 2017, Sauvignon Blanc, California

OMFG she’s tasting a white wine!? Yuuup!!

Okay so first off white wine for me is for cooking haha, but after the butter, garlic and clams were cooked there’s most of a bottle left so, why not??

This wine has a light crisp nose with some apple and white grape. After a quick sip I gave it another sniff and also found a bit of steeliness to it. 

The taste is quite bright and slightly acidic with a hint of peaches. It’s slightly sweet without being totally over sweet. A bit of aged Gouda brought the peach waaay forward along with a little hint of apricot. It’s really a well balanced white which I totally recommend NOT chilling. Cold wine looses the complexity of flavors for a wine like this. 

You can totally drink this on the deck but as reference I had some fresh clams in butter, garlic and this wine which was a great pairing!

Grocery Outlet, 5.99!

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