Kopke 1998 Colheita, Portugal

This was an AMAZING wine. It was vibrant with bright berry flavors on top of cinnamon and nutty caramel.  The tangy finish has a hint of ruby. It was a rich and full flavored wine with so much personality! Candy in a glass with a soft finish. 

Colheita (pronounced Col-yate-a) is pure and simply, a single vintage-dated Tawny Port, (all grapes are from one harvest) which are aged in small used oak barrels. In Portugese the word “Colheita” actually means “harvest” and can be construed therefore, to mean vintage as well.

A Colheita may have spent 20 years or more in barrel before it was released.

There are some Colheitas from the 1800’s that are still aging in small oak barrels. 

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