Cooper & Thief, 2016 Red Wine Blend, California

This wine is one of my favorites. Aged 3 months in Bourbon Whiskey Barrels!!

Beautiful rich dark color red pours into the glass. 

If you are a fan of Ports or Madeira wines you will love this!  The nose is rich with vanilla, tobacco, fruit and rich chocolate. A slight earthiness with some leather like a well loved chair. Sorry I missed popping the cork on this one!

A bold jammy wine with nice heavy legs and ever so slightly tannic. It’s reminiscent of a buttery Sangiovese/bourbon. The acids are pretty balanced with fruit and oaky lingering in the taste. Peaches and plums together with the bourbon flavors linger throughout which really blends with the sweetness of the fruit while giving it a complicated taste. 

Average price is 24.99 but we got it at Grocery Outlet for 8.99!

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