Chateau Julien, 2015 Royalty Red. Red Table wine, Central CA Coast A Family owned wine estate

A popular wedding location and family owned winery which is noted for having amazing views. A lovely property you should look up on the internet. 

Rich burgundy in color with nice even legs. 

The nose is bursting with velvety chocolate aromas. There‚Äôs hints of vanilla and Mellon. 

The wine has a boldness with a lot Mellon and plum and cassis and a slight bit of anise/licorice. The tannins are not over balanced and add well to the overall taste. This wine is very complicated on the palate but very smooth at the same time. The finish is soft and well rounded with an acidic not that is like green apple. 

This is a lovely red blend I highly recommend!

Grocery Outlet 6.99!

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