2004 Basel Cellars Syrah, Columbia Valley

Basel Cellars 2004 Syrah

Formerly known as Basel Cellars Estate, Yellowhawk Resort was purchased in December 2020 by Pacific Northwest hospitality leaders Dan Thiessen, Chad Mackay, Scott Clark, Philip Christofides and Paul Mackay and became part of the Revelers Club collection of properties.

You can’t get this one unless you have a connection!  

Opened February 2023. Wine had been stored in wine storage. It definitely helped with the aging process. 

Sediment on the cork and in the bottle which is expected for a bottle of this age. 

Color is deep and burgundy. 

Legs are even and light. 

Nose is light smoky, slight dark fruit.  Light tabaco and leather. 

Flavors still quite bold and smooth and dry. The finish is light and smooth. Licorice, dark fruits and earthiness.  

Overall a wonderful wine and great with burritos and salsa. A delightful surprise!


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