14 Hands, 2016 Juicy Red Blend, Columbia Valley, WA

A very nice wine with great oaky and vanilla notes. Aerating it adds more complexity to the nose with hints of spice and a little earth and leather. 

The legs are heavy and even with good sugars. 

Lots of sweet berries like strawberries, cherries and blueberries but not overly sweet. It’s slightly bold but not overly. It’s definitely smooth and dry with slight acidity.  There is a hint of black pepper and anise. It’s very complicated but also very even on the palate. 

Great just as a bottle for the night but gonna try it with some lasagna in a minute. 

For the price I’d definitely buy a few more for sharing with friends. 

Safeway, Sequim WA ON SALE 6.99!

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