Hello wine lovers and haters alike!

I love wine. For those who love it like me… welcome! For those who limit themselves to white cuz they can’t stand red, or even those who just don’t think wine is their thing welcome!And for those who don’t drink – welcome as well
I’m here to do what I can to take the mystery out of wine and help to get the news out that Cheap Ass Wine is great fun!

First… I’m not a wine snob or swish and spitter. I did attend a wine class series many years ago at Renton Technical College. It really helped me to understand a lot about wines. 
The biggest lesson I learned was that it’s good wine if you like it. 
Now, if you are a Chardonnay drinker only (for whatever reason) I am really hoping to help broaden your horizons. Perhaps even get you to try something new. Vice versa for devoted red lovers. I also want to hear from you!

See a good deal? Share it! Have a favorite? Share it! Disagree with me? Share it!